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This Entire Thing is a Mess, So I apologize in advance

(to think this graph is only some bare bones, too...)

The Altera Project is a mass-crossover scenario that I have been devising in my head since, bare minimum, 2019. Starting out as an excuse to have certain characters interact that never normally would due to being from different properties, with many of the extra setting details being doors that led to nothing, I ended up revising and revising the original scenario several times over until I reached the modern incarnation, ever expanding into the Infinity of fiction. With the primary setting based on MMO Elsword Online, The Altera Project sets to bring together as many other properties as ive indulged myself in as possible, even only as cameos in order to create a story of saving the expanse of Infinity from the inter-planar threat known as "Henir" originating from the Elsword property.

TeamNumberLeading MemberSecond MemberFinal Member
Administration0.1Ainchase Henir [Herrscher]Izuru KamukuraADAM
Private Detectives0.2Joseph JoestarIchigo KurosakiSenkuu Ishigami
Freakshow1.1SnakeRin OkumuraYuu Hyakuya
Remade1.2Ichiro InuyashikiYuusuke UrameshiNatsuno Yuuki
HEROICS!!!1.3Madoka KanameIzuku MidoriyaTanjiro Kamado
Militia2.1Tanya DegurechaffRoland CraneMikasa Ackerman
Body Horror2.2Chise HatoriAlphonse ElricAllen Walker
M.A.S.K.2.3Nier Sr.Ako Hatoda [Hardgore Alice]Ken Kaneki
The Corpse Shack3.1Ash LynxMakoto NaegiHyakkimaru
S Tier3.2Saiki KusuoYui KusanagiKuga Yuuma
The Doctor's Office3.3Johann Faust VIIIJinguuji JakuraiElsword Sieghart

Speeding Bullet Refutation

a Sonic-into-Danganronpa fusion

(originally proposed to me by Pommefrite of the Danganronpa Lab AU on tumblr & discord! thanks for the brainrot! :D)

Speeding Bullet Refutation 1

Welcome to [Insert School Name that isnt quite Hope's Peak here], a high school where we nuture the talents of the next generation! However, we arent here for class today- unless the subject is how to get away with murder! 15 students, trapped within the schools with no way out, find themselves at odds with each other as they are pitted against each other in a game of life or death. Who of the academy's final class will live? Check out the spoilers below!

SonicUltimate Track Star
Miles "Tails" ProwerUltimate Pilot
KnucklesUltimate Security Guard
Amy RoseUltimate Fortune Teller
CreamUltimate Pet Caretaker
BigUltimate Fisherman
ShadowUltimate ???
RougeUltimate Thief
E-123 OMEGAUltimate Cyborg
VectorUltimate Detective
EspioUltimate Ninja
CharmyUltimate Drummer
SilverUltimate Superhero
BlazeUltimate Pyrodancer
MarineUltimate Sailor

Speeding Bullet Refutation 2

CosmoUltimate Florist
MephilesUltimate Geologist
MightyUltimate Boxer
RayUltimate Skydiver
GadgetUltimate Weapons Engineer
InfiniteUltimate Mercenary
FangUltimate Marksman
ScourgeUltimate Gang Leader
TangleUltimate Acrobat
WhisperUltimate Soldier
NICOLEUltimate Hacker
JetUltimate Hoverboardist
WaveUltimate Mechanic
StormUltimate Bodybuilder
ShadeUltimate Strategist
HoneyUltimate Fashion Designer

Speeding Bullet Refutation, Another Episode

Maria RobotnikProtagonist
The Freedom FightersSupporting Cast
The Deadly 6Main Antagonists
MephilesSecret Antagonist

Speeding Bullet Refutation, Future Arc


- It opens on a teenage girl's room. The room, overflowing with trinkets and walls caked in posters, is equal parts crowded and jarring. The posters, notably, are of serial killers.
- At a computer desk, a girl sits tightly curled up into her seat. She is pouring over a book that is most definitely older than she is. It is about the origins and methods to summoning Heroic Spirits, how they both can and cant choose who they respond to the summons of, and the resonances that can lead to summoning one spirit over another.
- A haphazard summoning circle, alongside some trinkets that most certainly werent in her room prior, are set up on the floor, and she initiates a summoning.
- Nothing shows up in the circle, and she was about to be disappointed, until she saw something different from the corner of her eye.
- A man had appeared, seemingly unresponsive and bolted down to a slab of concrete, keeping him facing upward. As the girl approaches, the mans face comes to life, revealing an LED face-covering mask. The mask, now lit up with a "!?" bright and across it, shows the man being startled, despite his not moving.
- After observing the man, she decides that she is going to Free Him, and to do so with a servant, she is going to need to get a Grail to do so. But she doesnt have 6~7 other mages to do a grail war, nor does she think her reason for initiating one would be accepted by Clocktower.
- However, she lives near a massive source of magical energy as her parents pull on it for their magecraft- Niagara Falls.
- Taking a night trip to them, she begins the ritual to initiate a Holy Grail War- however, without any other mages to act as masters, the ritual spell goes awry and splits off, shooting to select masters at complete random to complete the spell. The girl decides to leave it to it, so that once the Grail is complete, she can swoop in and take it from the "winner".

Details about this variation of Fate

- Servants are much easier to summon and are often found accompanying mages they respect or are fond of outside of Holy Grail Wars.
- There is an entire bureaucratic system with the Clocktower to organize Holy Grail Wars after the Fuyuki ones starting attracting too many copycats. Any unauthorized Holy Grail Wars are investigated and shut down to prevent bad actors.
- Servants from the 19th and 20th century are more likely to be summonable compared to other variations. This does not change a distinct lack of firepower they have compared to their older peers, though.
- All living beings possess the magic circuits for magecraft, regardless of how refined they are- magic circuits are able to be enhanced through regular practice and atrophy with disuse, similar to muscles. Attempts to use more taxing or higher levels of magecraft with atrophied circuits can result in severe injury.
- Command Seals can be used to transfer master/servant contracts at will, however doing so will eat up all 3 seals at once, and is impossible to perform with 1 or 2 seals remaining.

Side: Saber

Andrew WashingtonSappho of Lesbos


-lmao andrew steals his parents money to train hop his way up the east coast. to say theyd get pissed is an understatement, black parents are scary from what ive seen

Duo Description

Andrew Washington:
Black Male, ~16 years of age. ~5'7'' tall. Shoulder-length braids. Brown eyes. Tends to lean towards sweats and T-shirts. Brand-name sneakers. Floridian who was vacationing in Niagara County when he was selected to be a part of the Flowing Water Grail War. Along the LGBT+ spectrum.
Saber/Sappho of Lesbos:
White Woman, ~27 years of age. ~5'2'' tall. Long black hair tied back into a messy office bun. Blue eyes. Wears a black-and-white checkered button up shirt that has short sleeves; Notable but not obscene chest size. Wears a tear-away pencil skirt with a side slit. Side slit shows a bit of pleated mini-skirt underneath. Black knee-stockings and flats. Always has a iridescent pen that can transform into an equally colorful sword when engaged in combat. After being summoned, she is given a spare spiral notebook by Andrew that she uses to sprawl out her thoughts as they go through the Holy Grail War. It is well worn and completely filled by the time the war ends, however its completely unintelligible to our main cast bc its all in Ancient Greek, woops.

Side: Archer

Lucy JaneGenghis Khan


- Lucy is Done With Life but shes trying to not be a dipshit parent to her 5 year old son, Brian. Is left with a poor quality of life due to sacrificing her everything for her son.
- "Mature" couple that definitely fuck off screen at some point tbh
- Brian calls Archer "dad" on accident one day and it breaks Lucy's heart that this affair is as temporary as it is.
- Lucy gets overwhelmed with guilt when she realizes that she orphaned Allison via Archer and spirals harder into her addictions until Brian gets help to snap her out of it

Duo Description

Lucy Jane:
White Woman, 22 years old. ~5'5'' tall. Shoulder-blade length messy dirty blonde hair. Brown eyes. Wears an old varsity jacket that reeks of cigarette smoke constantly. Fan of blue jeans. Cheeks are sunken in and has significant eye bags, unhealthy pale skin, and is notably skinny due to lacking diet. Has nicotine and alcohol addiction issues.
Genghis Khan:
Asian Male, ~40 years old. ~6' tall. Bald. Black eyes. Outfit is still WIP but notable points are hood and crossbow mounted to right wrist.

Side: Lancer

"Master"Edmund Rice


- "Master" hates Lancers vibes so much that he bites the bastard no matter what he does, even if its giving food.
- Lancer does not have access to Command Spells due to his master being a Chihuahua with no concept of commands.
- Lancer kills Rider during a confrontation. This was only possible due to a combination of being an ambush and Lancer being pretty feral himself.

Duo Description

A Chihuahua. Dirtied white coat, male. ~4 years old. Stray, no history with a human family. Spends most of the war living in a discarded reusable grocery store tote that Lancer found. Was underweight at the beginning of the game, but Lancer feeds him well despite the amount of times the poor bastard's been bit by "Master". Doesnt have an actual name until Fate/Stagnant Water.
Edmund Rice:
White Male. ~40 years old. ~5'10'' tall. Curly black hair, unmaintained. Thick beard of similar texture. Brown eyes. Outfit resembles peasantry from the 19th century which made people automatically assume he was a homeless dude. He technically is during this HGW but also his master isnt able to rent/own a house so

Side: Rider

Allison HayesGagarin-Laika


- Dad man dad man dad man
- Archer kills Allison's mom thinking she was the master instead of Allison herself so Rider has to raise Allison on his own
- He gets ambushed and shanked by Lancer.
- Before Lancer can land a final blow on Allison;

Duo Description

Allison Hayes:
White Female. 6 years old. ~3'7'' tall. Shoulder blade-length dirty blonde hair. Brown eyes. Wears T-shirts, skirts, shorts, and dresses typical of a 6yo american girl.
Gagarin: White Male. ~25 years old. ~5'6'' tall. Long black hair tied back into a low ponytail. Red eyes. Sunken in cheeks and pale skin. Wears plain cordless headset. Muddy-colored jacket and turtleneck. Khakis. Combat boots.
Laika: German Shepard. Female. ~5 years old. Wears a harness.

Allison HayesForeigner/ Galilei-Ammetsuba


- Allison uses all her Command Spells to summon a new servant to protect her.
- Foreigner is the result of Galileo Galilei's spirit origin getting hijacked mid transfer. Is constantly grumpy because of this.
- Allison develops narcolepsy issues due to the energy toll to maintain Foreigner's presence without Command Seals.
- Foreigner takes one good look at her new master and realizes that she has to play Not a Parent with her, just goes along with it. She has resigned to sharing her comfy blanket with her master constantly.

Duo Description

Allison Hayes:
White Female. 6 years old. ~3'8'' tall. Shoulder blade-length dirty blonde hair. Brown eyes. Ditches skirts and dresses to make herself seem the least bit more fierce as a response. Stops smiling at this point.
White Female. Appears around 11 years old, however acts much more like shes in her 20s or even 30s. ~4'7'' tall. Black hair that seems to gradient out into thin air instead of ending normally. Yellow eyes. Mouth extends beyond lips; however is normally sealed. When mouth is opened, inside glows. Wears a galaxy print- blanket over herself constantly. Underneath, a maroon vest and pleated knee skirt. Wears plain black slippers.

Side: Caster

Mark Johnson"Beak Doctor"


- First person to summon their servant; Mark gets too high and gets into a nasty car accident that he likely would have died from if not for Caster's summoning.
- They spend the entirety of the series in the hospital while Mark recovers.
- Caster is Very Interested in all the new hospital tech around them.
- They interact with the others as they come through the hospital for various reasons.

Duo Description

Mark Johnson:
White Male. ~19 years old. ~5'4'' tall. Home-cut brown hair. Turquoise eyes. Prefers baggy clothing. Chronic Pothead.
"Beak Doctor":
Unknown Gender, uses plural pronouns. Likely White, but race is technically unknown aswell. Age varies. ~5'3'' tall. Covered head to toe in attire typical of Bubonic-Plague era Plague Doctors including wide brimmed hats, bird-shaped full facemasks, long dark cloaks and thick layers of pants and boots, alongside a staff. Attempting to remove Caster's attire will only reveal black smoke within which, if too much leaks out, will lead to the disintegration of their Spirit Origin.

Side: Assassin

Rosemary SmithCatherine II


- Cannot use Command Spells; Rosemary thinks Assassin is telling a story instead of the reality of the situation when she tries to explain whats going on; She thinks Assassin is another worker at the group home shes in that none of the other workers acknowledge for whatever reason.
- Assassin attempts to "make things quick" gets brained with a metal folding chair and sends her master into cardiac arrest as a result, killing her with her first assassination attempt- though she does technically kill her target, in the end.

Duo Description

Rosemary Smith:
White Woman. ~89 years old. ~4'11'' tall. mildly curled white-gray hair. green eyes. Very wrinkly and old. Wears an old cardigan and dress from like, 20 years ago. Can only move around with a walker. Half senile.
Catherine II:
White Woman. ~57 years old. ~5'2'' tall. Wavy white hair adorned with golden hair ornaments. Blue eyes. Medium amount of wrinkles. Wears a dress that is mid-thigh height in the front, but drapes to just below halfway past her lower legs in the back and sides. Has a sweater on that is equipped with a variety of weapons. due to the ill-fitting class designation, her personality is warped a tad.

Side: Berserker

Courtney AndersonAimo Koivunen


- Courtney gets jumpscared in the shower when a razor cut while shaving summons Berserker
- Berserker gets to be a servant in every sense of the word, helping out Courtney with everyday mundane tasks and the like.
- They go to get some 3am 7-Eleven Slurpees and they get ambushed by Assassin. Assassin does fatal damage on Courtney, but;

Duo Description

Courtney Anderson:
White Woman. ~17 years old. ~5'1'' tall. Blonde hair/blue eyes type. Just moved to the county from Ohio, had significant bullying issues back there- attempting to make a new rep for herself as a "bonafide girly girl". Type to spend an hour and a half on perfecting her makeup every day.
Aimo Koivunen:
White Male. ~25 years old. ~6'3'' tall. Fluffy mane of gray hair. Eyes are normally a shade of green. Wears big black ear muffs and is decked out in ski gear, including actual skis- everything carries a main color of black. Translucently pale, can see the blood vessels underneath the skin of his cheeks that, when enraged, bloat significantly to push up the skin of his cheeks. when enraged, eyes go completely black, sclera and iris alike.

David RobinsonAimo Koivunen


- Assassin gets brained by a steel chair David stole from behind a closed business across the street from where she was fighting Berserker.
- David goes to help Courtney, but she instead asks him to help her try something as she laments not being good enough to get anywhere in the war with Berserker.
- She takes his hand into hers and pours her everything into transferring her contract with Berserker over to David. This takes the last of her energy, and she dies after the transfer is complete.
- David ends up roped into the middle of the Holy Grail War as he encounters Alice and Andrew and accidentally adopts them both. Alice becomes an official adoption once they get around to putting her mother's death on record.

Duo Description

David Robinson:
White Male, 21 years old. ~5'9'' tall. Black hair that is styled to obscure one of his eyes. Has some orange highlights in it. Brown eyes. Wears a fair amount of leather, black jeans, flannel, and metal accessories in a punk style. Several piercings, but no tattoos (yet.). Likes rollerskating.
Aimo Koivunen:
White Male. ~25 years old. ~6'3'' tall. Fluffy mane of gray hair. Eyes are normally a shade of green. Wears big black ear muffs and is decked out in ski gear, including actual skis- everything carries a main color of black. Translucently pale, can see the blood vessels underneath the skin of his cheeks that, when enraged, bloat significantly to push up the skin of his cheeks. when enraged, eyes go completely black, sclera and iris alike.

Final Chapter


- Duos Saber, Rider (Foreigner) and Berserker go to Niagara Falls to confront the girl from the Prologue.
- Due to the deaths of 3 of the servants (Archer, Lancer, Assassin) and of 2 of the masters (Rosemary, Courtney) the Girl's servant had gotten enough residual energy to transform into a different form, where his true name is revealed

Sally O'ConnorForeigner/ H.P. Lovecraft

- Foreigner/ Galilei-Ammetsuba gets almost immediately rekt due to the part of their spirit origin that is Ammetsuba getting crushed by the conceptual authority that Foreigner/ Lovecraft has over them as the direct inspiration for the work that brought them into being.
- Allison collapses, having a similar crisis to Courtney in feeling like she failed her servants and her duty
- Andrew and Saber start working to fend off Sally and Foreigner. Saber is able to hold up but not make any real moves against Foreigner since her age as an ancient servant counterbalance's Foreigners raw power and influence.
- The Berserker Duo evacuated the scene to get help, since they could move the fastest out of the three pairs.
- As Saber is doing her thing, Allison starts screaming, causing the fight to pause and Andrew to go to comfort Allison, only for her to start clawing at her face and a loud, violent pop to be heard from her.
- Andrew pulls her hands away to stop her from hurting herself, only to find her hands caked in blood and viscera and that she no longer as intact eyes as she sobs from the pain.
- As she was breaking down earlier, Allison ended up, not wholy in her right mind, making a deal with a servant conceptually connected to Rider to be summoned, but as she had no seals left, she had to bargain off a major part of her body- her eyes.
- As the water of the Falls starts behaving oddly, the servant Allison summoned makes themselves known:

Allison HayesBerserker/ Vladimir Komarov

- Berserker calls out to Saber to distract Foreigner, and she does, as Berserker grabs and dunks Sally and himself into the raging rapids of the waterfall, killing them both in one fell swoop.
- Without his master to sustain his existence, Foreigner's spirit origin starts collapsing, and Saber collapses aswell, feeling her origin go with
- As it turns out, since literally none of the masters in Flowing Water are magi, they all unconsciously relied on Sally's magic circuits to an extent to maintain their servants existences.
- Now that the interference from the magecraft was gone, Andrew was able to call 911 for Allison to get her help for her eyes and let David know that the perpetrator was dealt with.

Fate/ Stagnant Water

-kinda like Fate/Hallow Axtraxia but for FFW
- Picks up from Allison's hospital room after she was driven there due to her eyes combusting
- Allison is naturally, blind now
- She is also very angry at the world in general, very yelly
- She agrees to be put under David's custody until further notice since proper authorities were finally alerted to the fact that her mom died
- Andrew ends up finding and capturing "Master" and asks them what to do with him
- Allison bonds to him immediately, names him Rice and chooses to adopt him
- Andrew's parents get notified of his location since hes a runaway kid n' all
- Theyre Pissed
- Lucy asks David if she can coparent Allison with him, since shes still guilt ridden about the whole orphaning thing
- Allison shuts this down immediately bc shes of the belief that no one can replace her mom, but she ends up hanging out with Brian a fair bit bc hes the only other person who has any knowledge of the Flowing Water Grail War whos in her age group
- Hes a little artist and is sad to see that Allison cant see his art bc shes blind n all
- But they get really close and theyre basically dating by the time they hit High School
- Allison gains a reputation for being perfectly studious but absolutely awful with anything social outside Brian
- She likes using a baseball bat as a sight cane bc she can use it as an impromptu weapon on the spot. She becomes feared for her affinity to hit people with this bat
- She gets away with it bc everyone knows she went through some horseshit, they just dont know what horseshit- and they know she aint making it up bc Brians there to back her up

All For Nothing

(A dumping grounds for what is around 98% Midoriya-centric MHA AUs.)

Nomu Prime

Midoriya commits die, and after his body is found, he is revived as a Nomu. Due to his quirklessness and relation to AFO, he isnt braindead like normal Nomu.

Bakugo Eats Shit

Midoriya disappears -> Bakugo has a crisis cause he finally realizes the impact of his actions -> he amputates his hands so he cant hurt anyone else w his quirk. Goes on to get into UA using a quirkless leg-based fighting style.

Reincarnation: Remy

Midoriya is reincarnated from a previous life as Remy. Going through that trauma after what he already went through as Remy fucks him over royally
Also, OM -> Todoroki and RV -> Aizawa.

One For All, Side B

After the rooftop encounter, the spirits in OFA flip their shit and evacuate Yagi's body, splitting OFA into 2 halves: Side A and Side B. Side A is only the super strength, while Side B is the rest. Midoriya is demotivated to be a hero but the spirits are trying to rekindle his old heroic ambition that Yagi snuffed out

Nomu Animalia

Extension of Nomu Prime

After sharing his quirk analysis and research with AFO and the Doctor, Midoriya gets the chance to take his theories of Quirk Synthesis off paper, and develops a neutered version of AFO's quirk that allows for him to developed quirked animals that maintain some form of sentience.


Could be an extension to any AU

Based off those fics where Midoriya has a musical inclination but its based off my musical taste bc its rebellious and I cant imagine he went for 10ish years without building some sort of resentment towards society for what happened to him. His online persona is based off Kamukura Izuru

Eldritch Child

Midoriya makes a contract and fuses with an eldritch abomination around age 5 and stops aging as a result. Prime example of my dead inside Midoriyas

Son for One

Alternative Approach to Nomu Prime

Midoriya is caught before he turns into a red smear on the pavement and ends up being brought before AFO while mentally destabilized from everything that happened on that NGVBD. Basically a version of Nomu Prime where hes not dead inside


Inspired by a fic I saw while scrolling of Midoriya having a Round Table quirk while growing up in like. Texas. In short, the quirk makes him "King Arthur" and his "Knights" are individuals who were brought into the quirk after dying in their past lives. All characters from other properties.

Unhinged Villain

High focus on a Megalomania trait that is a mild thing in other villain-based AUs. Also includes the Chains AU.


Midoriya makes a contract with a spell cast by a long-dead god to wield the power of 50+ killed heroes, with the catch that if he ever strays too far from the path of heroics his bodily autonomy is forfeit.

Todoroki Eats Shit

Could be an element to several other AUs

Due to Todoroki's considerably poor mental state pre-Sports Festival, and his connection to Midoriya to get him out of it, in several AUs his mental health is either worsened or simply stays the same due to changes in Midoriya's story.

The Altera Project: HEROICS!!!

Part of The Altera Project

Midoriya is included in the Altera Project as a part of team 1-3, HEROICS!!! alongside Tanjiro Kamado and Madoka Kaname. One of the most wholesome teams of the bunch tbh

Hivemind Androids

Midoriya gets joshed by some abandoned lab, and ends up as a brain in a jar hooked up to a super computer in control of the lab. Over the course of the next decade, he makes over 100 android clones in a desperate attempt to fool everyone into believing he is still human. "Quirkless" hero AU.

Demon King

Magic is mutually exclusive from quirks within humans. The demons need a new king and they decide that the next quirkless human born will be their king, which ends up being Midoriya. Demons manifest from any kind of death, even if its not perma, so hes tagged along by the demons left by league members who suffered identity deaths.

Mandela Catalogue

Midoriya is replaced by an alternate due to a weakness appearing in his heart during the rooftop encounter on the NGVBD. Due to warped concepts, Midoriya is now effectively the antichrist that will bring about the end of human civilization. Has a shepherd's lantern cane that glows a hypnotic red.


After the rooftop encounter on the NGVBD he decides to just skip HS and get a dead end job. The only place that would hire a middle school quirkless kid turns out to be a 7-Eleven in Kamino, and he becomes more jaded with life the more he works there, eventually ending up the informant villain Watchtower.

Misc "Midoriya but raised by xyz" AUs

The Phantom AU
Ultimate Despair


After fleeing into a forest at age 6, Midoriya's body is taken control of by a colony of parasitic plants. Existing as a colony within the boy's body, they leave the forest and stumble about as they try and acclimate to their new human life.

Round 2

Ex-Villain AU where at age 17, having conquered and brought about the demise of Japan, Midoriya's shambling corpse of a body collapses out from underneath him and he wakes up 4 and alive again, back 13 years in the past.


UA has a machine. This machine allows for quirks to manifest personalities and identities, based off of, yet different from their wielders. One for All, being just a Real Fucken Outlier of a Quirk, causes a great amount of shenanigans when it is time for Midoriya's trial- however, beyond the, when you think about it worrying amount of decentralization with regards to a trial specifically made around him, UA comes to realize there is a lot more going on underneath the boy's skin than he lets on.

All For Nothing: One For All, Side B

There was something immeasurably bright about the boy.
'He would make a perfect ninth', they had thought.
They had started thinking after they became eight. But they werent much of anything. They could not think independently of each other- they could hardly think to begin with, but... When they did, they thought as one. They thought that Eight, host he may still be, would be of the same mind as them. The boy in front of him, weakened he may be, was a proper fit for One for All.
"You should be realistic", Eighth had told the boy. And so, they fell into a panic. As the boy was crushed under the weight of a table that just had its last leg broken from underneath it, and his spirit started collapsing within itself, they panicked.
'We need to ensure this spirit isnt lost for good', 'We need to reach him and make him our ninth', 'We need to get out of Eighth'
And they had reached a hand that wasnt there before towards the boy. They stretched as hard as they could, strained as hard as they could-
And with a pop, tumble and roll, One for All had found themselves on the other side of that rooftop, watching as the door Eighth was leaving through closed. There was a slight tremble to their new perspective- and a litany of words echoing through the headspace they now shared with their chosen Ninth.
But they found that they could look away, from Ninth. At each other. Migrating hosts had split the vestiges from the amalgamate blob of thoughts, memories, quirks and wills left behind by their passing down of the quirk and their passing from the world of the living that had been adding into each other like a old amalgamate wad of gum to themselves. Like proper ghosts.
They didnt have time to ponder over their newly refreshed existence, though. Ninth had stood up and wobbled his way through the doorway Eighth had gone, unsteady in equal parts from his emotions, recovering from the sludge villain, and any amount of injuries from his day to day school life.
Ninth was tired, they noticed. Lacking any sort of energy, he didnt even seem to react to the sound of explosions in the distance, alongside who knows what commotion, and trudged his way back to his apartment. Waiting back there was none other than the boy's mother, who had been preparing dinner. They noticed that despite the amicable exchange between the two, his mother did not awknowledge the state Ninth was in.
Ninth waddled to the apartment's bathroom, and hauled out a, surely, oversized first aid kit from one of its cabinets. Crossing the hall over to his bedroom, before entering, he took a good, hard stare at the placard, Eighth themed, hanging from it.
The vestiges heard a faint rattling from the back of the boys mind. It did not sound like a kind rattling.
Heaving out a sigh, the boy entered his room, and the rattling intensified, enough for the vestiges to make out that the rattling meant something.
realistic, realistic, realistic.
Eighth had become a set of rattling bones in the back of Ninth's mind, echoing the words said on that rooftop.

All For Nothing: Round 2

The sky was a gloomy gray, fitting for the carnage that had occurred.Every day of his reign had been met with revolts and mutiny, run by the champions of the old society that were known as heroes. He had prepared for the inevitable resistance, ensuring he had enough influence and authority to crush it, but they never stopped fighting. He tried to show some form of mercy, letting them live. However, as to be expected of heroes, they were ungrateful for his mercy, and continued to fight. No matter how dedicated his supporters were, they were up against seasoned professionals, in the end.They were initiating a case of Mutually Assured Destruction. It was a term that had fallen out of use, but Midoriya knew. With the high casualties on both ends of the conflict, fighting until the bitter end will leave little to no survivors for either group. 'If we can not have Japan, then you can not either'- is probably their reasoning. He participated in the combat where he could between doing all the desk work that came with running a war-torn nation, and eventually, the dust settled after a good half a year of uprising.He stared at the gray sky, run with no color from the devastation left in the combats wake, as a clear silence filled the air around him. He held onto a flagpole near the capital building, and his grip tightened suddenly- he felt it before he heard it- the sound of his body collapsing.Father and the Doctor hadn't been doing the noumu project long enough for them to be aware of the short lifespans they have. Constant fighting and stress, alongside the strain of carrying several quirks, drastically minimize the amount of time the noumu are loaned after their initial deaths. Midoriya's body fell to the ground, on his knees, and then he felt his body fall forward as the world went black around him.It was quiet, but not in the same way that is was before. The minimal noises were different, and the smell of smoke and the dead and dying weren't infesting the air. It was a much more neutral smell; though Midoriya picked up a faint hint of food. He would have tried to identify it, but he had more pressing issues to worry about.
Like, why was he picking up on these sensations, anyway?
He cracked open his eyes, and meeting the ones on the wall, he lamented the fact that he didnt stay dead. Iconic electric blue stared back at him, swarmed by a garish amount of other colors on the licensed All Might poster on the wall, however, briefly sweeping the room, it seems like the decor was at a more minimal state. Pushing himself up, he looked down only to be met with the sight of small, chubby little hands, and a color to his skin that he hadn't seen in around 3 years- putting the chubby little hand up to his neck, he felt about, and-
bum, bum, bum.
That's a pulse if he ever felt it before.
Before doing anything, he forced himself to pause and think. He was back in his youngest day's bedroom and body, and was alive again. He felt no hums associated with his library of synthesized and stolen quirks. He looked around for a moment looking for-
April 27th, 2229.
Last he checked, it was 2242, and he was an undead 17 year old.
But now he was alive, proper, and (more likely than not, when thinking logically) 4 years old in 2229.
The month and day were the same, though, he noted dryly.
But back on task, the year confirmed his brewing theory.
Time travel. It sounds obscene, considering that quirks who can interact with time in any way, shape or form were probably rarer than warp quirks, and those were notorious for their rarity- and there was never one recorded that could send someone into the past- let alone, send someone as far as 13 years back.
With a huff of annoyance, he decided to write off the phenomena as the fates choosing to toy with him once more, and moved on from the how to the why.
He had spent a fair bit of time reading, consuming media. More often than not he'd choose to watch what was available of pre-quirk media- he stuck his nose into, and was surrounded enough, by quirks as it was, he didn't always want to be reminded of what he lacked- and there were some shows with some form of abnormal travel. Usually, the power that had been would have given their victim a purpose or goal, and if not, the usual objective was to put things back to normal- return to their home world or the right time, whatever.
But, was there any reason to return to his time? There was hardly anything left, with no means of stability. There was no future in that future, if one would.
He has 13 years before he was back where he used to be. Considering he failed last time, maybe the goal was to use his wealth of knowledge to do it better?
Before he could ponder further, he heard his mother.
"Izuku! Breakfast's ready!", the yell came from the other end of the apartment. He jolted at the sudden noise, and promptly hauled himself off his bed and haphazardly made his way to the kitchen bar where she had set out the food. He mumbled a greeting to her, avoiding looking at her- he wasn't sure what proper etiquette was for when you're talking to someone you effectively brainwashed and compelled into killing themselves, and felt rather awkward at the moment. She noticed his uncharacteristic avoidance, but she chalked it up to-
"Are you nervous about going to the doctor's today, Izuku? I know you've been so upset over your quirk not coming in, but I'm sure the doctor can help us make sure that its just being a little shy!" So that was what happened today. He held himself back from gritting his teeth at the bitterness threatening to overtake him about the realization, only responding with a stuttered out,
"Su- Sure, mom.." She sat down with her own plate, and the two shared their sentiments before starting to eat, a calm quiet overtaking the meal.
Midoriya's mind surely wasn't quiet, though. He tugged to and fro on what he should do, if he should say something about what is going on, if his mom would even believe him, and if she did, if she would even let him stay with her, since he had caused her death after all-
"Izuku, are you ok honey? You have been staring at your plate for a good minute there."
Old habits can die hard, cant they?
He should probably just bite the bullet and tell her. Worst case scenario, nothing has happened yet and cant be prosecuted in court, and he can just go hunt down and live with Father. Best case scenario, he can get an actually half decent childhood instead of sob story he got originally.
He looked up at her directly after putting down his utensils. "Mom."
"Yes, honey?" She paused, putting down her utensils to give him her full attention.
"I have some, things to explain to you, after we get back from the doctors. Its a lot, so I want to save it for after." She gave him a confused look, not sure why hes speaking in a way that a normal four year old probably shouldn't be, but he couldn't be assed to pretend that his mental development was only at age 4.
"Sure, hun, if you need to. Lets finish up here and get you cleaned up for him so we get to the office on time, yes?" She said this with a bit of a lopsided, unsure smile, but Midoriya nodded regardless, and resumed eating.
They finished up, and Midoriya's mother helped him get ready where his little body wasnt adequate enough to do on his own, and they left the apartment to head up to the doctor's office."I am sorry to have to deliver this news to you two, but it seems like little Izuku wont ever get his quirk in."Its a real shame that a perfectly standard day had to be ruined with the news that your human rights got revoked for lacking some chunk of DNA, huh? The doctor had put up an x-ray of Midoriya's foot up on the screen, showing that he had the original double toe-joint structure that had been lost with the introduction of quirks into the genepool, and his mother immediately broke out into waterworks. The boy himself had a much less dramatic response to the news, already knowing what was coming, and huffed in annoyance, crossing his arms. And then the babbling started. A litany of "Im sorry"s and "Izuku"s came falling out of his mother's mouth, much like water falling down a cliff face. Midoriya remained stoic through her stream, and he could feel the awkward tension with the doctor in the room rising."Mom. Let's go." Midoriya didn't mean for the statement to come out as biting and bitter as it had been, but regardless, his mother got the message and went to clean up her excess of tears.The ride home was quiet, much like had the one to the office had been, but for a much different reason. They pulled into the parking lot of the apartment complex, and made their way up to their place, cracking open the door and slipping in."Now that is over with, its time for me to explain some things." Midoriya stared up at his mother. She looked at him with an odd look, something between confusion and a mild sense of horror, which he did not understand the reason behind. So, he asked about it. "Is something wrong? You almost look scared, mom.""Honey, how come you haven't reacted to the news? You don't even seem to be phased by it, at all. I know how excited you were to get your quirk, so, why?" So thats what that was about. He let out a light huff, and pulled off his sneakers."It will be explained with the things I have to tell you. Same reason why I might have been acting off all day." Midoriya made his way to the living room, and clambered up onto the couch. His mother followed him out and sat on a recliner next to the coffee table in the center of the area.Time to rip the bandage off."If I told you that I had been time travelled back by 13 years, would you believe me?""What?""would you?""Uh, I can't say I would, honey." She gave him a purely confused look this time."Fair enough. Need evidence, right? Well, outside my, likely, anyway, abnormal behavior today, I can tell you what happened to me over the next 13 years, if you want." He stared at her intently. Normally, this stare of his would be a fair bit more serious, but with his big round eyes and tiny chubby toddler body, it was kind of hard. His mother stared at him for a moment, before silently nodding."Okay, since 13 years is a fairly long amount of time to cover, I will sum it up best I can. So, after news of my quirklessness reached Aldera, I ended up a social pariah. Adults and classmates alike turned against me, and I get stuck with a nickname that haunted me up until the end, 'deku'. You wanna know who gave me that thing? Katsuki. He is also my primary harrasser. Makes sense considering he's the schools golden boy. I put up with this until I was about 14. I had a day that I will refer to as the No Good Very Bad Day, and after the nonsense that occurred then, I chose to attempt to take my own life.""My corpse was found and harvested by Father and his underlings and resurrected. Upon awakening again, I found myself detached from the emotions that kept me from acting out against the cycle of despair that had consumed the previous decade of my life, and instead, found myself pining for revenge against those who wronged me, and to reform the society who created those bad actors. And so, that's what I did for the next 3 years. However, when I achieved my goal of taking over the government about 6 months prior to the end of that timeline, I had to put up with constant attempts to 'restore order', in their eyes. This eventually lead to the decimation of the entire nation. At the end of it all, the time Father borrowed for me had been used up, and my overexerted corpse finally gave out. When I came to, I was in bed this morning." He took a deep breath after that info dump, having hardly taken a breath during the entire spiel.He had a pretty good idea of what the look on her face would be, and looking over for the first time since starting his spiel, she looked just as dumbfounded as he imagined. He sat there patiently for her to regain her senses, slightly swaying his body side to side. He felt something akin to nervousness- even though he didnt divulge her fate in the old timeline.It took her a fair few minutes to gain her bearings, but when she did-"Is that really what happens, dear? That sounds absolutely awful." He levelled her with a mildly offended glare, and nodded silently. "What becomes of me, then? I can't help but wonder." The now boy gulped before turning away from her."You raised me in a way that made me come to resent you in a similar way that I came to resent those at Aldera. After coming under Father's custody, I found a means to synthesize quirks, and I decided to test recreating a suspected Primordial Quirk back into the genepool. This quirk contaminates and seizes control of the minds of others, through either passive or direct means. You were my direct contamination experiment. Later on, as law enforcement started becoming more aware of my movements, I started clamping down on any loose ends. This included you, and so, I had you do a grand final show of despair before you passed yourself on. You were up on that ceiling fan, there." He looked up very pointedly, and then back to away from his mother."Of course, the question is raised of where you went wrong. Where you went wrong is how your behavior towards me changed from here on out. You saw me as a fragile piece of glass, yet never took action to rectify the burns and bruises id come home with on a daily basis. And so, I grew up trying to be understanding, but with a lingering sense of abandonment and betrayal.

Kars & Shizuka

Series: JJBA
AU where shortly after Part 4, Kars reenters orbit and falls back to Earth, and goes to get revenge on Joseph, only to find the Joseph he fought to not be anymore, replaced by a senile old man struggling to raise an infant.

Code: Bonzi

Series: Elsword
EX Class Path
Unlock Requirements: Code Antithesis in account
Path where Remy's code is corrupted by the Antithesis code, rebounding into something much worse than it ever was.

Meta Manipulator

Series: Elsword
EX Class Path
Unlock Requirements: One lv99 character in account
Tamagotchi/ ARG class. After Mad Paradox accidentally leaves a rift in spacetime within some other timeline, Add interacts with it and becomes aware of his existence as a game character, and reacts poorly to it to say the least.

Ordeal Finale: Antarctica

Series: FGO
True form of the "foreign god" is the alternative Ritsuka that fell into despair upon the death of Mash during the climax of Arc 1. Gender is reliant on the gender of the player Ritsuka.

Sonic the Redux

Series: Sonic
More expansive sequel idea to Sonic Generations, featuring more content from each game, more games and misc media that SEGA still maintains the rights to. 4 Gameplay styles (3D Boost, 3D Adventure, 2D Platform fighter, 2D Puzzle) w/ popular fan variants of Sonic. Main antagonist is Classic Sonic.

Speeding Bullet Refutation, the full story

Summary by Chapter

Chapter 1


After arriving and being dropped into the killing game, the cast finds themselves only slowly starting to acclimate to each other- only to suffer from a death shortly after.

Chapter 2

E-123 OMEGABlackened
SilverRule Breaker

Vector kills OMEGA when OMEGA defends cream from him. Cream is not amused by this.
Silver throws a hissy fit over the killing game in general and gets fucken torched as a result

Chapter 3

Amy RoseBlackened

Cream dies anyways along with Big cause Amy went apeshit
Charmy is depression

Chapter 4


Cream dies anyways along with Big cause Amy went apeshit
Charmy is depression

Chapter 5


Shadow goes sicko mode and sicko modes all over tails
tails cant handle the swag and his spine pops out idk
sonic gets jumpscared by his own eyes

Chapter 6

TikalPre-game Death

Fucken Sonic appears out of thin air and calls our Sonic a robot and acts like a dipshit. Like actually imagine fandub sonic but actually evil. Metal Sonic enacts a live execution for the survivor's viewing displeasure.


Metal SonicUltimate Robotic Doppelganger
Shadow RobotnikUltimate Lifeform
BlazeUltimate Queen
CharmyUltimate Drummer

Chapters in Full

Speeding Bullet Refutation, Chapter 1

Daily Life

- Sonic wakes up within the walls of the school, after seeming to have passed out walking in. Observing the room around him finds that the windows have been bunkered shut, and that theres a note indicating for him to go to the front hall. The handwriting looks familiar, yet he cant put his finger on as to why.
- Going to the front hall, he finds a handful of other students, amongst whom is Tails, who he knew from before. They make small talk until the rest of the students arrive.
- Everyone introduces themselves, and someone over the loudspeaker orders them to the gym.
- At the gym they are introduced to MonoEgg, and the killing game. Standard issue outrage ensues.
- It settles down and they receive their dorm keys and handbooks. Sonic and Tails choose to scope out the available area, while most of the rest choose to lock themselves up in their dorms.
- a couple days pass as people start communicating with each other. Tails notes that its odd how automatic everyone seemed to gravitate towards certain circles, even though they are complete strangers- including Knuckles, who had joined him and Sonic. Knuckles huffs this off.

Deadly Life

- Marine is found dead with a single stab wound to the neck around day 4.
- MonoEgg introduces the idea of investigation and the class trial to the students.
- Body shows some sort of evidence of being dragged out to the dining room. although the majority of the trail had been wiped

Class Trial and Execution

- Espio's execution is a stealth mission gone wrong. He is attempting to work his way out of a traditionally-styled japanese estate after assassinating it's lord. He gets caught by samurai monoeggs just before getting out, and is forced to fight for his life to survive against them, only for them to pull a cheap trick in order to pull a fast one on him, overpowering and killing him, ending the execution.

Speeding Bullet Refutation, Chapter 2

Daily Life

"The motive allows the blackened to get away with 1 other person so Vector was gonna go with Charmy. He tries to kill Cream, but Omega stops him and accidentally kills him."
"Did Vector still have a thing with Cream's mom?"
"maybe thats why he picks cream
he knows shes weak cause hes been around"
"conflicted on whether or not to let omega get away with it bc omega would probably pick her as the extra person to get away with
luckily omega is not gonna do that and doesn't want the class to vote wrong"
"maybe she covers for him? (he was just defending me I dont want him to die because of me so ill take the blame)
"basically they become super close friends, and neither of them have even been this close with someone, blaze bc of her status, and silver bc he hides away from the public eye when it comes to anything personal
they're like... dependently close friends bc of that. to blaze, losing silver is just as miserable as espio+vector's deaths are to charmy, and knuckles+tails's are to metal."

Deadly Life

Class Trial and Execution

Speeding Bullet Refutation, Chapter 3

Daily Life

Deadly Life

"I'm still figuring this one out jsgsjs."
"probably the motive put sonic at risk and she only was gonna kill big but cream somehow got involved"
"Maaan during the first trial, Charmy wouldn't vote for Espio to be the killer like Ishimaru for Mondo and in the second trial he'd be like Asahina when Sakura died and just trying to get someone to confess to the crime"
"Then Chapter 3 he's just sad and not loud and hyper like usual

Class Trial and Execution

Speeding Bullet Refutation, Chapter 4

Daily Life

Deadly Life

"Knuckles is knuckles. Rouge is rouge. Kinda self explanatory"
"(pomme)knuckles could be ch 4 blackened and that begins the downward spiral™
(me)he tries to descreetly toss rouge into the trash after koing her and sealing her in a bag"

Class Trial and Execution

Speeding Bullet Refutation, Chapter 5

Daily Life

"kokage is fine until she loses rouge so then she's like "I have no impulse control or reason to live my frends are ded"
and the motive is just to learn abt the truth of the kg so shes fine w that"

Deadly Life

"knuckles has just been executed, and then tails shows up dead with her spine torn out"

Class Trial and Execution

the execution shows a very sci-fi looking lab room. Shadow looks as throughly unamused as always, and shes electrocuted in the chair shes in. dipped into acid, she barely reacts, however something is off about the acid,,, and the tube explodes, sending shards at the cast, cutting them up, they dont see what exactly happens, but shadow drops through the hole that the container in its entirety was supposed to drop through. the shards hit metal, who looses his antenna, and his eyes show an error screen for a split second. Blaze only catches his left eye, which says 'ER'. the error screen changes and shows his eyes as the classic red and black we know. the screen fades to black.

Speeding Bullet Refutation, Chapter 6


>eggmans a member of UD, filling in the role monaka plays in the main games (monokuma production)
>trustee at wherever the fuck
>realizes sonic is a threat to whatever UD is planning
>break the fucking sonic"
"i feel like she lies abt her talent from the very beginning, since she wants to be treated like a normal high school student
and like.... she actually is a p good fire dancer even tho its not her real talent"
"The "Protag" was actually metal sonic the whole time, who was unaware of his true self and thought he was the real sonic. The real Sonic is the mastermind, who was somehow brainwashed into despair."
"I was ganna set this up as only tails and sonic being familiar with eachother"

Misc Notes

- Marine is found dead with a single stab wound to the neck around day 4.
- MonoEgg introduces the idea of investigation and the class trial to the students.
- Body shows some sort of evidence of being dragged out to the dining room. although the majority of the trail had been wiped

Speeding Bullet Refutation Beta Ideas & Outtakes

- Shadow, Tails, and E-123 OMEGA were all going to be female, full stop.
- Maria Robotnik as the Ultimate Impostor for a theoretical sequel kg, before a sequel kg was even an idea
- Amy was originally Ultimate Florist. With the addition of Cosmo is SBR2 and the addition of tarot cards into her character traits (as when this AU was original conceived, it was 2018) She was changed to Fortune Teller.
- Vector was the Ultimate Guitarist.
- All the characters had proper "human" names- the table to the right shows what they were.
- Tails had polydactyly- an extra digit on each hand and foot.

Original NameSBR Name
ShadowKokage Robotnik
E-123 OMEGATsubame